I couldn't pick which makeup shot I liked more… 🙂 So, I picked both! 😀
Meanwhile… the guys were at a Fort Wayne landmark… the Main Street Coney Island:D  Mike is from Fort Wayne… so, he was excited when he heard that's what the guys were doing that morning 🙂 He just informed me that it's been there since 1914.  Don't you think it's weird that he knows that? 😉  I guess that's why he's good at Jeopardy.
So, I decided to take Rachel out for some photos in her Aunt Judy's back yard.  The second we walked out there BAM… it went from zero to ten… sunny to POURING down rain.  So what do I do… I call my weatherman Mike.  Here's what the radar looked like. EEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!!! Leave it to Mike to take a photo of it 😀  Photo time, obviously… had to be put on hold. 
I love this 🙂 Favorite ❗
 After the ceremony… the clouds parted ways and we made it happen! The bridal party headed over to the Fort Wayne Rose Gardens for some photos.  Right after we got there another wedding photographer came up to me and said, "we have a ceremony starting here in fifteen minutes."  I responded… "no problemo… we'll hurry!"  As we were taking these we noticed that the groomsmen from the other wedding party kinda looking at us funny. I immediately started picturing a West Side story style show down of groomsmen.  But really… they were probably just curious 🙂
How awesome are those beads in her hair?!  Those are two necklaces pinned in.  Pretty neat, huh?! 
 Jason's family is friends with Dean Kruse.  Dean owns Kruse International, one of the largest auctioneering firms in the world, and specializes in classic cars. WOWEEEEEE!  Here's Jason's uncle driving the car. 
 I sat in the front seat as we traveled from the photo site to the reception.  They were snuggled up in the back 🙂 CLICK CLICK CLICK!  Another favorite ❗
I wish I knew what kind of car it was.  Anyone out there care to help?
 When we got to the reception site… I wanted to take a few of them with their car 🙂  How could I resist?!
I LOVE how Jason's looking at Rachel during her dads speech. 😀 
 Don't Jason and his mom look alike?!  
Grandma was a DANCING MACHINE!!!!!! I really don't think she stopped dancing all night.
 The Beatles… need I say more?
 Last dance of the night 🙂  Mikey's favorite ❓
FORT WAYNE, Ind.  Jason and Rachel have such a deep deep love for each other… being around them is such a great feeling.
As already mentioned, Jason and his boys hung out at Coney Island in the morning.  How cool is that?!  Guys are always keeping us guessing with their "morning of" wedding plans.  Jason and his groomsmen are SUCH gentlemen.  They're also REALLY funny and SUPER crazy!  At Jason's bachelor party a few weeks before the wedding… Jason broke his elbow.  HE BROKE HIS ELBOW!!!!!  According to Jason's family… knowing who Jason was with was all they needed to know as to how he did it 😀 HA!
The entire bridal party has known each other for years.  Other than Jason's brother and sister… they were all in Dwenger High Schools Band together.  Now coming from someone who has always been associated with the marching band via the color guard… I can tell you that it is SUCH a tight knit group!!!!!!  You spend every EVERY waking moment together.  That is actually how Jason and Rachel met 🙂  They both played saxophone 🙂 
Another thing I can tell you about marching band members… They know how to party and cut loose!!!!!!  These guys danced ALLLLL NIGHT LONG!!!!! Jason and Rachel are VERY good dancers.  Both of them took swing lessons… and it certainly showed 🙂  These guys are just so much fun to be around.
Oh, and it's worth mentioning that whenever Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" plays… I can't resist it!  Rachel, her friends and I… we were bustin' it out!  HOW FUN WAS THAT?!  Meatloaf "Bat Out of Hell" was one of my first three CDs I ever owned… I know all the words… HA!
Thank you guys for EVERYTHING!!!!!! We had SO much fun getting to know you, your friends and families.  
~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

OK!  Rachel and Jason's slide show may be viewed by clicking here!  the user name is Rachel's maiden name, and the password is Jason's last name, in all lower case.  Also, their full gallery may be viewed by clicking here!  The event key is also Jason's last name.

Told you I was sitting in the passenger seat 🙂  Mike was driving beside the car to get this. AYKM?!  How did he do THAT?!