Are you kidding me?! I had SO much fun with these bridesmaids!!!!


 I'm posting this little collage because I think the idea is GENIUS! For all of those maids of honor out there… pay attention 🙂 Kathy did this for her sister Kristin when she got married… and Kristin returned the idea. 🙂 The MOH asks every woman that's close to the bride (bridesmaids, aunts, grandmas, etc) to create a two page scrapbook spread… it can be anything they want… then the book is combined with all of the pages and given to the bride the night before.  I think that's the best gift you can give someone… even a bit better than a toaster oven… if you ask me 🙂


 Olivia Newton John meets Richard Nixon 🙂 


 This is a family of awesome smiles. 



 A funny story… One of the groomsmen lost their tux the morning of the wedding (well, that part's not funny). People were looking EVERYWHERE for it.  Nick even called down to the front desk, "if you guys see a tux laying around… not that you have ANY reason to… but if you DO happen to see a random tux, it's probably ours." Then someone said, "Billy, did you look in your closet?" Hmm… nope… THERE IT WAS!!!! 🙂






 They bought aviators for the entire bridal party.






 Mike caught this as I was taking the photo above. NICE CATCH! His favorite ❓



 They call me WACKY BOBBI! 😉 For you OSP INDY people, whaddaya think?! 😉





 CLUTCH THAT CLUTCH CLUTCH! 😉 (that was for you, bridesmaids!)


 Kathy and I work out at the same gym… I would see her there ALL of the time… Uhm… CHECK OUT THOSE TRICEPS!!!!! 🙂 I wanna look like that! By the way, my favorite ❗



 My view


Mikey's view.  He wins. 🙂



  "D'you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?" 🙂 Doesn't he look like the cutie patootie kid from Jerry Maguire?!  PS. Thanks Brandon for the lighting assist!


 Break it on down Momma!



 "D'you know that my next door neighbor has three rabbits?"  Okay okay, you get it… I'll shush…


 And another GEEEEENIUS idea! If your reception venue allows for it… order pizza for the late nighters! How many times have you been to a wedding and by the end of the night, you're STARVING! SO, yes yes yes… It was a HUGE hit!!!!


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Kathy and Nick had an incredible day. But I bet you can already tell that by looking at these photos.  🙂

Kathy was a bit paranoid about the rain… after all, at her sister's wedding, it poured allll day.  According to the radar, there was no rain in sight.  However… the sky told a different story… As soon as we went outside for photos of the bridesmaids… it started to rain. So, after further examination of the radar, we had 100% confidence that it was going to clear up by the time the ceremony ended.  And… YAHOOOOOSKI… WE WE

As you see above, we had a lot of fun with photos of the bridal party.  Kathy and Nick slated a lot of photo time (more than we've EVER had)… so we had a lot of time to bust out the creativity. And creativity we busted!!! BRING IT 🙂

I love leaving a wedding and feeling like I know the bride and groom ten times better than I did when we started… from the details, to meeting the friends, to the speeches… We feel like we've known these two our entire lives. Okay, that was extreme… but you get the idea.  They're both incredibly driven, competitive, funny, down-to-earth, real people who are surrounded by awesome families and hilarious friends (and they of course have amazing taste in photographers 😉 ). 

The entire day was planned so perfectly, not ONE thing was overlooked… it was perfection 🙂

We cannot thank you enough for everything… 🙂 MUCH LOVE!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Hey everyone!!  You came back!  So…click here for the slide show.  The user name is Kathy's maiden name, and the password is Nick's last name, in all lower case.  Also, click here to view their entire gallery.  The event key is again Nick's last name.


 Remember that aforementioned rain… yeah, while the bridesmaids were able to be covered by umbrellas… I wasn't as fortunate (luckily for me, I'm not needed in photos 😉 ).  Please don't mind my ratty hair.. 🙂 Oh, and a big shout out to Kristin for taking this! You're a pro… 




 Mike, you're fab. 🙂


 Kathy, I adore you.

❗ + ❓