Elijah was born yesterday morning, December 3rd at 2:33am. 🙂

According to Mark, they have a “healthy, incredible mom and a healthy baby boy”

7.4 lbs and 21 inches long.

From what I gather, she was IN the hospital for 37 hours… 26 of which were labor. ARE YOU KIDDDDDING ME?!

So, there you have it… photos of Elijah are soon to be scheduled, guaranteed! 🙂

Love you guys!!!!!!


MANY of you remember Tasha and Mark. 🙂  I don’t know HOW many people have told me that Tasha is their favorite bride…. 🙂 (Betsy, hi!)


Well… now… she’s 8+ months pregnant… and happier than ever 😀


Hi baby!




Tasha, you’re stunning. 🙂


For you blog readers who’ve been around for a while… there are those famous booooooots from the engagement session!








I love the Midwest in the fall… just do 🙂



Mikey’s favorite ❓


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. For those who are paying REALLY close attention… yes yes yes, this was the 4th time we’ve photographed this team. 🙂 1. engagement 2. family  3. wedding 4. maternity.


My processing style has changed a bunch since these were taken… but, here’s a reminder 😀 There are those boooooots! 😀 These were taken 3 years ago… WOWWWW to that!




The amazingness of their ceremony is something I will never ever ever in my life forget.


One of my favorite photos of all time.  This was taken within minutes of their first kiss.


GAH! That little trip down memory lane has me a wee bit emotional. 😀 That’s why I love this career so incredibly much… we get to be with our favorite people on all of the big momentous occasions… engagements, weddings, pregnancies, newborns, babies first birthday, etc etc etc…

Tasha and Mark… you two are one in a million… you make me smile… the big big big Bobbi smile 😀

Cannot WAIT to meet your BABY! 😀 AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and blog readers…. you need not worry… baby photos are coming SOOOOON! 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓



I seem to shoot one-handed a lot… and communicate with the left hand. 🙂 I never noticed this until I see photos of myself working 🙂 That explains my RIDICULOUS biceps in my right arm 😀 Okay… I’m kidding… kinda 😉




Hi down there. 🙂

❗ + ❓