Breanna and Tommy’s day was nothing short of incredible. So prepare to have your mind blown! I’m being serious. Are you prepared?! Good.

See all of that natural light?! Big windows?! Wanna know what makes a getting ready room perfect. It’s THAT! Are you listening future Bobbi and Mike brides and grooms?! ARE YOU  LISTENING?! I’ve been trying to get my slogan, “so nolescent to fluorescent” for a couple of years with no luck… but I’m not giving up hope!I showed a photo of Breanna to my friend Lesley and she exclaimed, “WOW! From the side, she looks a lot like Eva Mendes!” On that note, I have to say that I agree! Bree, you’re beautiful!…she get it from her momma! 😉 On the left, mom. On the right, sister. Yeah… thems be some goooood genes!…putting in her veil 🙂Another benefit of getting ready in a room with beautiful light… bridal portraits like theeeeese!  How great is that smile she has?!Have I mentioned that I loved this room?! Because I did. Proud of these images my friends. Proud of ’em! In the image on the right she looks a bit like a young Ashley Judd.  Oh how I love the what-celebrity-do-you-look-like game! I used to be better at it but I don’t watch much tv anymore / nor do I read gossip magazines. My celebrity knowledge isn’t what it used to be. Womp womp wommmmmp…I’m LOVING the latest trend of neutral/pale colors where every bridesmaid simply wears a dress she’s picked out in the same palette. Every dress is so flattering and each maid can pick a dress that best suits their personality. DO IT!OH! I’m also loving the gray suit trend! Tommy opted for a light gray. So handsome. PS. see the man to the left of Tommy? Yeah… CLEARLY his brother! 😀 Same / Same! Ohhhh how I love genetics!Their first sight. 😀 On the left, Mike’s view. On the right, mine. Tommy is now in the top two best-first-sight-reactions we’ve ever seen. 😀There’s something about that portrait of the two of them that I just love. I know it’s not a ground-breaking image but I love me a good classic wedding day portrait. 😀Ohhhh boy! This little guy was so stinking cuuuuute! He ran down the aisle shouting “Tommy! Tommy! Tommy” with the biggest grin on his face. 😀…captured perfectly by Mike! BOOOM!My view. Mike’s view. Notice I’m nowhere to be seen? That’s because I’m a PHOTO NINJA!Another thing I’m loving/noticing more commonly… GOLD wedding jewelry.
If you aren’t smiling right now, then you’re a grump. Close this blog and come back tomorrow! 😉 That image on the right… it was right after they were announced as husband and wife. See her excitement all the way through her fingertips?! Reminds me of this image of Morgan. 😀
Mom’s face…. priceless!
As always, though they did a first look and many portraits ahead of the ceremony, we insist on 15 minutes with just the bride and groom after the ceremony. The bride and groom always have a different kind of energy… more excited, stress-free, pure bliss! Oh! And the groom is wearing his wedding band!  Sidenote: image on the right: Mike’s view.…and my view. 😀Breanna, your back?! I have no words. Whatever your workout regimen was leading up to your wedding… we need to know!  Just stunning!Mr Cutie McCuterson strikes again!
HA! 😀 Grandma, you’re cute. 🙂This is the second time I’ve seen this at a wedding… and it’s GENIUS!  It was such a huge hit! I think they had it for the cocktail hour and for a couple of hours into the reception? I don’t remember 100%. I will say though that the line was long every time I looked over. 🙂The precise moment that Tommy pulled a switch-o change-o on his mom in mid-song during the mother/son dance. The surprise: “Brown Eyed Girl” 😀 After all, it IS her song! See their expressions? Same / Same !!!Mike rocked the images of their reception!
…though they made it really easy on him because it was a ridiculously fun party!
I just noticed that this guy in the front of the air guitar is in nearly every photo I posted from their reception. So I guess I should declare him the most-fun-wedding-guest of Breanna/Tommy wedding. It’s official. On that note, if you’re not married yet to that pretty girl in blue (above photo), I’d like to formally apply for the position of wedding photographer. 😀 I’m telling you I have NO shame! All of the party photos from above are Mike’s. But this one… this one’s mine!  

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Saline, Mich.

hair & makeup  •  Headliners Design Studio
florist  •  Cynthia Gorton (bride’s aunt)
ceremony & reception venue  •   Wellers Carriage House
band  •  Lucas Paul Band
cake  •   The Vintage Bakery (Laura Davenport) & Hinkley Bakery – owned by the bride’s parents & celebrating it’s 100th year (4 generations!)
dress  •   Amy Kuschel
bride’s shoes  •  Anthropologie
suits  •  Express

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their songs

bridesmaids  •  “Generator” by Freelance Whales
bride  •  “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes
planting of unity tree
 •   “I Choose You” by Andy Grammer (performed by bride’s sister and brother-in-law)
•  “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Phillip Phillips
first dance  •  “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers (performed by Lucas Paul Band)
father/daughter  •  “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw (performed by Lucas Paul Band)
mother/son  •  “Brown-Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison (performed by Lucas Paul Band)



 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Breanna:   I’d dreamt two nights before our wedding, walking down the aisle with my sweet dad on my arm and looking into faces of loved ones who’d traveled long distances to celebrate with us. But on the actual day, during my real-life walk down the aisle, I only had eyes for my groom.

Tommy: When I first saw my gorgeous bride during our first look.  Her beauty took my breath away.

[br] Any advice for future bride/grooms?

Breanna:  Bobbi & Mike bring sunshine, calm, and order to your day.  Make it your first wedding task to hire them.  They went above and beyond their photographer titles. I’m a coffee-addicted, high-speed girl with to-do list thoughts instead of daydreams.  With Bobbi & Mike guiding us through the day, I was able to just sit back and enjoy it.  That was such a blessing, and I’m forever grateful.

Tommy: A good band is worth every penny.

 [br]Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Breanna:  Right before the ceremony, one of the bows popped off of my shoe.  My father-in-law (aka MacGyver) came to the rescue with super glue from his car and had it fixed and on my foot before it was time for me to walk down the aisle!

Tommy: Coaxing my little buddy, the ring bearer, down the aisle!

 [br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Breanna:   I would have snuck a macaron from the dessert table before the ceremony! But really we wouldn’t change anything – it was a lovely day.

Tommy:  I would have marked the guardrails in the parking lot better….

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We had a foodie weekend-trip to Traverse City.  But, we look forward to Paris in 2014!

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I love how Mike is almost always smiling behind the camera. He’s my favorite. …I’m not mad that she wanted a pic with me. Not mad at all! 😀 Eva Mendes/Ashley Judd with a red-haired Amy Poehler. I’ll take it! 😉

In other news, as you might be able to tell from the image on the left I have naturally wavy hair. You see, my hair always starts straight and between the humidity and sweat, it starts to wave, especially the under layers where I tend to sweat more. TMI? Psh… girls sweat… especially ones with hair as thick as mine! Anyway, I’m determined to learn to wear it wavy/natural. Come hell or high water, I will learn! Official goal of August: figure that out. 😀

[br] [br] [br] Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ [br] [br] [br] [br]