I adore these two…


The above photo and the below photo were taken within 10 feet of each other. 🙂

Hellooooooo amazing warm Indiana fall light!

Emily’s mom (Margaret) found this little bridge as she was driving around Indianapolis.  To ask permission of the owner she dropped a note in their mailbox with her number to call. The owner called and said no problemo! Come to find out… the owner has a son who just got married on that bridge over the summer. BTW, genius with the “letter in mailbox move” Margaret!  I’m totally using that!

I titled this photo…. “snuggles on a hill”. You know… when photos have titles it makes the photographer sound more impressive. So, are you impressed? 😀

Mike’s favorite ❓


Emily and Matt, if you two decide to have kids they’re GUARANTEED to have some incredible eyes… CHECK AND MARK! My favorite ❗


indianapolis, ind.

wedding | 6.4.11 | sharpsville, ind.

together | 12.20.08

engaged | 10.30.10

girl | nurse, intensive care unit • hometown | lafayette, ind.

boy | mechanical engineering student, purdue university • sugarland | tx.

how they met, as told by emily | “Matt and I met through our church’s college group the summer of 2008.  We would often hang out in groups with me pestering him and trying to get him to talk. (Back then he was shy 🙂 ) Then finally in December (after lots of flirting) we went on our first date!



Thanks for spending the afternoon with us… had a great time getting to know you both 😀

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Given my lack of balance this was a risky photo to have taken! But, as you can see by the last photo of Emily and Matt… TOTALLY worth the risk! 😀

As we approached this hill to take photos on it Mike said, “WOW! that looks like the most perfect hill to roll down!” Matt agreed and they reminisced about how it would be nice to be a kid again.  At the end of the session, after the sun had set, Mike said… “…, you wanna roll down?”  AND THEY DID! 😀 I freaking adore our clients/friends.  Mike loved it so much he ran back up to roll down a second time!   Mike, you’re my favorite person in the whole wide world 😀 This moment was seriously the highlight of my month…

❗ + ❓